In The Wake of Hurricane Michael Destruction, Precise Data Matters More Than Ever

Earlier this fall the Southeast was hit with a 100-mph winds from Hurricane Michael, leaving destruction in its wake. Trees were toppled, branches fallen, growers are estimating years to recover the damages they have seen with this one, historic storm.

Now more than ever, precise data is extremely valuable to be able to quantify loss quickly and efficiently as growers work with insurance companies to submit claims.

Back in 2017, with the historical data collected  from AGERpoint’s GroveTracker, Graham Pecan Farm was able to receive an increased insurance claim from Hurricane Irma damage. Having detailed, historical data, at their fingertips allowed them to provide a report including the number and size of tree trunks that were affected without having to physically measure the trees.

Precision is worth the investment to protect your crops against natural disasters. We have precise data solutions for every need.

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