NEW Features on AGERmetrix: Plant Level Detail

We’ve been pretty busy here at AGERpoint recently with a focus on improving our AGERmetrix platform for growers. AGERmetrix is a comprehensive Crop Data & Analytics Platform with a mapping interface to directly address the needs of growers – basically an easy to use interface to see all of your crops in one platform, with historical data and ability to overlay your own notes to keep track of tests, results, and learnings.

The first new feature that we are happy to release is the improvements to Plant Level Detail. Now a grower is able to see how a single plant is doing in comparison to other plants within the block.

By being able to easily compare on an interface that shows all plants within a block, a grower can now see how an individual plant compares others on the same block. For example, the grower may be seeing lower yield from a specific plant. Viewing the morphology data and comparing it to nearby plants may show that the plant is less mature than surrounding plants, therefore won’t be able to produce the same amount of yield.

And did we mentioned, all of this was done without having to walk the block and from the comfort of the grower’s office (or couch). Interested in learning more? Send us a note!