AGERmetrix: Analyze all of your data in one view

Use GroveTracker, YieldTracker, and VitalityTracker, or some combination of these AGERpoint products? Now layer products and views together to analyze an entire data set.

Everything from matching up the specific locations and phenotypical data from GroveTracker to the insights on health, vegetation, photosynthesis and more from VitalityTracker, to post-harvest assessments collected with YieldTracker. Now a grower can toggle back and forth on the blue, purple, and green badges which represent the different product types available for a block to see the data points collected. This allows the grower to use a combination of AGERpoint’s products efficiently to see their morphologies, yield, and vitality to help make crop management decisions.

A grower no longer has to flip back and forth between the products. All of this data is easily accessible in AGERmetrix, our comprehensive Crop Data & Analytics Platform, in one place.

AGERpoint Multi Product View Plant Morphology

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