AGERmetrix: Easier Than Ever To Use

Like we mentioned earlier, we’ve been pretty busy making upgrades to our AGERmetrix platform. We’ve listened to feedback and worked to incorporate that feedback into our improvements.

Recently we’ve added the feature for growers to see multiple blocks under their farm in the data panel. Growers can still change blocks by selecting the specific block from the map (see the image below), but can now also select the block they’d  like to look at in more detail from the data panel as well.In addition, growers can open multiple blocks in the data panel to do a visual comparison of what is in their blocks – like number of trees. This is extremely helpful especially when running trials on crops as a quick comparison can be seen in one view.

Growers will also be able to easily access data from each of AGERpoint’s products; GroveTracker, YieldTracker, and VitalityTracker. This is shown by the blue, purple, and green badges in the data panel.

Interested in learning more? Send us a note!