NEW! AGERmetrix MorphologyExplorer

We’ve added a new feature that clients who are utilizing GroveTracker data can take advantage of – MorphologyExplorer. Point Clouds are a visualization of the thousands of data points that make up an individual tree. They show extreme levels of detail of a given tree, row, or group of trees in an easy to manipulate 3D view. Now these Point Clouds can be made available as part of AGERmetrix!


Previously, our Point Clouds were separate from AGERmetrix data, but with this new tool you are able to fuse the data with Point Clouds to analyze and easily identify relationships.

Select the row you would like to inspect with the Point Cloud Select Row Tool:

Row Select on AGERpoint's MorphologyExplorer

This new tool will allow customers to:

  • Look at a specific tree, row, or group of trees at an extremely detailed level
  • Provide an angle measurement tool which is valuable for researchers running pruning and other trials
  • Utilize height and width tools to measure down to the individual branch level and complete specialized measurements like stem length
  • Rotate the view to inspect and identify features or issues of a specific tree
  • Visualize trees before having to physically visit the field
  • Continually make measurements to create a total – perfect for measuring total length of branches

All of this can be done in the field on a tablet or laptop, or from the comfort of your office.

If you’re interested in seeing your Point Clouds – reach out to us today at!

Measure trunk to trunk:

Trunk to Trunk measurements on AGERpoint's MorphologyExplorer

Measure trunk to branch angle:

Angle measurements on AGERpoint's MorphologyExplorer

Measure trunk from ground to first branch:

Trunk Height measurements on AGERpoint's MorphologyExplorer

Continually measure with the Accumulation Measurement Tool for total measurements:

Measurement Accumulation on AGERpoint's MorphologyExplorer