Improving accuracy and timeliness of machine counting fruit

AGERpoint®, a leading Precision Agriculture Data Analytics company centered around precise data collection and analytics, announced the issue by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of a new, and fifth, patent on August 6, 2019 involving systems and methods for monitoring agricultural products.

The new patent, US 10,371,683, “SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS” relates to monitoring fruit productions, plant growth, and plant vitality. Specifically, this newest out of five patents held by AGERpoint, works to improve upon the accuracy and timeliness of machine counting of fruit on the tree or vine utilizing a data acquisition, transport, and software components.

“We are excited to continue to add to our library of patents,” said Andrew J. Nash, CEO of AGERpoint. He continued with “The ability to innovate and refine our technology sets us apart and allows us to provide extremely precise data to our partners in the value chain (food & beverage industry, growers, researchers, agronomists, insurers, industry associations, etc.).”