About Us

AGERpoint™‐‐ Defining a new technological space for the growers’ industry with cutting‐edge information solutions and expertise

Get to know AGERpoint™– We have developed a series of industry‐leading technologies that are redefining data acquisition, analysis, and translation for growers, giving personnel at all levels access to the mission-critical data they need to drive their business forward.

AGERpoint partnering with leaders in the tech industry


AGERpoint™ is partnering with leaders in the industry to put actionable information in the hands of growers

The founding partners at AGERpoint™ bring together extensive experience in information technology, creative problem solving and scientific research. If the technology doesn’t exist, the team at AGERpoint™ is ideally positioned to create it, delivering new and essential tools to the agricultural space.

We’ve developed our solutions with one goal in mind— to help growers increase efficiency, productivity and profitability through information

Whether focused on a single tree or several groves, our products give growers access to the data they need to better understand their holdings. With the data culled by our industry-leading technology, growers can execute effective, real‐time decisions in the field.

We understand how important every minute and every dollar are to you and your business

AGERpoint™ maintains a focus on delivering our solutions on time and on a budget. When you’re dealing with such critical time‐based issues as the ones that face the growers’ industry, you need to rely on solutions that give you the most efficient data when you need it.

AGERpoint working with growers of permanant crops image
AGERpoint working with growers of permanant crops image