Determine the Productivity of Your Groves and Holdings with AGERpoint’s Capture System

Combining 3D laser scanning and survey GPS with multiple HD video cameras, AGERpoint™ has developed a cutting-edge system that allows growers to capture the critical growing data they need from their holdings to make informed decisions. Growers with multiple holdings do not always have the manpower necessary to adequately assess a grove’s health or potential. With AGERpoint™’s three-point capture system, growers can seamlessly and effectively capture data on multiple trees, groves, and vines in a way that saves time and money.

Vehicle Mounted Scanner Array and Positional Equipment

A vehicle-mounted scanner array is driven between tree lines of orchards and groves at low speed, measuring features such as tree trunk diameter, the height of trees, the volume of trees, and the leaf density of the canopy. This information is compiled and combined with photographic data, capturing details such as leaf color and the number of blossoms and fruit on a plant.

Together this information gives growers unprecedented resources to determine the productivity of their holdings, using constructive information such as plant age, health, and more.

Get an Overall View of holdings with GPS Point-by-Point Location

Once the data on a grove is acquired, it is combined through a series of post-processing efforts, and distilled to provide geo-registered information in a form available in the field, giving growers a view of their holdings’ health and productivity at their fingertips where they need it.

Developing New Solutions for Yield Prediction

AGERpoint’s system has been designed to automatically count the number of blossoms or fruit on a tree. Growers can even use the combination of video and GPS data to extract photos of specific trees to get an even more detailed handle on the health of their holdings.

Each tree is then individually identified and assigned a unique code. This creates a comprehensive catalog which can be accessed through our graphical interface allowing growers to compare the productivity of their assets from treat to tree or from year to year.

Detail and Efficiency with AGERpoint

Your holdings function on the macro and micro level. You need a data solution that informs, but that will not bog down your decision making. Data that is unwieldy and forces a learning curve will only complicate your operations. That’s why AGERpoint has developed methods to deliver essential data that can be parsed and accessed easily by any end user.

AGERpoint’s data synthesis delivers both “big picture” and detailed information, presenting you with a solution that is manageable and accessible. With AGERpoint, you get the right mix of essential data and usability. We provide, a tool that you can introduce into your daily workflow without having to disrupt your established processes.

Creating Unified Communication Across Your Enterprise

AGERpoint’s cross-platform, web-based applications are being written to allow users to access their accounts and critical information from any mobile device or tablet. Device specific apps are being developed to support both the Android and iOS platforms. This mobile solution will allow a grower to serve up information to partners and decision makers at all levels across an enterprise, as well as employees, and business associates. Effective communication and collaborative decision-making across an enterprise will be possible with the few swipes of a finger it takes to navigate through a mobile app.

The Ultimate Tool for your Orchards, Groves or Vineyards

The Ultimate Tool for your Orchards, Groves or Vineyards GroveTracker™ is complemented by a suite of other services that span the growing season from blossom to the delivery of product to the processing facility. The full suite of tools includes GroveTracker™, BinTracker™, and TripTracker™. These tools can facilitate and support every step of the growing process, streamlining procedures and ensuring that your product reaches the consumer as quickly as possible.