Days remaining! Get your trunk diameters before the insurance deadline May 15th, 2017.

Your Partner in Pecan Grove Insurance

Easily apply for your Federal Crop Insurance Corporation pecan tree insurance program with a detailed report from AGERpoint™ in order to meet coverage requirements for damaged pecan trees resulting from naturally occurring events.

New Product

GML100 Geiger-Mode LiDAR

The GML100 is AGERpoint’s newest Geiger-mode LiDAR sensor offering unprecedented performance in a mobile friendly form factor. AGERpoint’s engineers designed the GML100 from the ground up focusing on maximizing performance per dollar. The GML100 uses military grade technology conceived at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to revolutionize both cost and performance of Geiger-mode LiDAR systems for a wide array of industries and mobile settings.

The small form factor and low power consumption of the GML100 make it well suited for both mobile and UAV applications.

In addition to the performance specifications, the GML100 is poised to enter the market at a price point substantially below current sensor systems. Contact AGERpoint™ now to better understand how the GML100 can solve your LiDAR needs at a fraction of the cost.

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AGERmetrix™ is a comprehensive Crop Information Management System with a mapping interface to directly address the needs of horticultural producers.

Data Services for Permanent Crop Growers of Trees Vines and Bushes as well as Forestry
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GroveTracker™ provides the backbone of many of AGERpoint’s products. It provides a specific location for each plant as well as phenotypical data such as the canopy diameter, trunk diameter, height, and density of each plant.


YieldTracker™ monitors your yield during the harvest process. AGERpoint™ currently has three yield monitor system based on either weight, volume, or computer vision. Weight measurements can be applied to volume collections.


HarvestTracker™ directly counts, sizes and locates fruit while still on the plant well ahead of harvest time.


BinTracker™ tracks the weight and location of harvest bins throughout the harvest operation.