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Informed agriculture decisions and actions

Precise data solutions for every need

Every agriculture decision has its own set of unique challenges. With AGERpoint®’s ability to accurately scan and collect high-resolution crop data through LiDAR and other collaborative techniques, AGERpoint® is then able to provide precise data for invaluable decision making.

Help clients with precision

Solutions for Researchers & Agronomists

Develop meaningful conclusions that lead to advanced technologies for future growers and valuable feedback to clients on how to manage their crop holdings.

  • Gain deeper insights into your client’s or research plants more efficiently and with increased accuracy
  • Create a holistic view of a farm which includes all factors affecting health, yield, and value
  • Connect effects of tests with results that can be easily compared against control groups or other test groups
growers of citrus crops


Solutions for AgTech Partners

Test products, services, and techniques to show successes, or learn from failures, quickly and accurately.

  • Easily connect your product or service with actual, accurate results quickly and efficiently using the AGERmetrix™ platform
  • Conduct tests and collect precise data on results for proof of concept trials

Get accurate assessment of holdings

Solutions for Insurers

Represent the value of crop holdings in addition to damage done by disease, major weather events, fire, etc. with a high degree of accuracy, resulting in more accurate coverage

  • Capture precise historical data for an accurate representation on all crop holdings
  • Data captured by AGERpoint® allows for a more accurate and detailed way to provide coverage and process claims

Capture and connect

Solutions for Growers

Identity problem/prospering areas, conduct tests of different growing and management technics in less time and with significantly higher accuracy than historically used methods.

  • Save time and money while capturing more precise data than ever before
  • Create a holistic view of your crops by overlaying your own notes or data from other sources to AGERpoint®’s AGERmetrix™
  • Pinpoint problem (or prospering) areas to identify