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Choose the product (or products) for your needs.

Precision in Action.

AGERpoint® captures precise agriculture data using LiDAR and other collaborative techniques to deliver precise analytics and actionable insights.

Precise access to ALL of your data


AGERmetrix is a comprehensive Crop Data & Analytics Platform with a mapping interface to directly address the needs of horticultural producers.

  • Access to a holistic overview of your crops in one platform, and overlay with your own notes
  • Easy to use interface and platform allows you to take your data wherever, and whenever – even on mobile for in the field updates
  • Access all data for GroveTracker, VitalityTracker, HarvestTracker and future releases like YieldTracker & more
AGERmetrix Platform

Inventory 100% of your assets


GroveTracker provides the backbone of many of AGERpoint®’s products with geographical and phenotypical data scans.

  • Capture specific locations for each plant as well as phenotypical data such as the canopy diameter, trunk diameter, height, and density of each plant
  • Take a full inventory of ALL of your assets, quickly and accurately
  • Add field maps like satellite, soil types and others to make better agricultural decisions

Troubleshoot your blocks without having to walk them


VitalityTracker brings the power of multispectral imaging down to a plant by plant basis making aerial imagery easier to interpret.

  • Gather data insights on health, vegetation, photosynthesis, and chlorophyll on your plants
  • Layer on top of your crop map to identify and troubleshoot what within your block may be affecting the growth and yield of your plants

Quantify yield on a row-by-row basis


YieldTracker tracks the harvest through your field, providing actual yield row-by-row.

  • Understand where your yield is coming from with post-harvest assessments and predict future yield more accurately based on current factors
  • Simple, user friendly interface integrates with existing farm equipment
  • Evaluate production practices and treatments across varieties, blocks, or regions