Enhance and Augment Statistical Analysis Abilities form Unified Data Sets

Support researchers in the evaluation of citrus scions for tolerance to Citrus Greening (HLB)

In the challenge for researchers to find scions with higher tolerance to HLB, Plant Scientists not only need precise data, they need all of it. They needed assistance in compiling the various data sources and data sets into one unified place to perform statistical analysis.



Digitize trees with LiDAR and aerial multispectral imagery, combined with plot map of trial design and data collected by hand from trial cooperators
Not only did we digitize GroveTracker LiDAR data, and completed an insight-specific multispectral data collect with VitalityTracker, we applied our Bring-Your-Own-Data approach to AgLayers where the client brings their own historical, current, or third-party data sets to augment the data. In this case, the client brought their trial experimental design data and observations on tree mortality.


We fused the data to create a Layer 0 + 1 with the trial experimental design data set which allowed the client’s Plant Scientists to perform a statistical analysis and create a variety performance data set. 


Scion Biomass m3
DPI-435-18A-2-31 0.47 a
Valencia 0.45 ab
RBA-26-36 0.41 abc
C4-14-53 0.37 abcd
C4-14-51 0.36 abcd
FF-1-23-130 0.35 abcde
FTP-4-13-39 0.34 abcde
Bingo 0.33 abcde
FF-1-76-52 0.33 abcde
18A-2-43 0.32 abcde
OLL-DCS-3-40 0.31 abcde
FF-1-76-51 0.31 abcde
C7-12-19 0.31 abcde
Hamlin 0.30 abcde
FTP-4-13-31 0.29 abcde
LB9-4 0.28 abcde
6-2-55 0.28 abcde
FF-1-75-113 0.27 abcde
OLL-DCS-3-36 0.26 bcde
FF-1-35-21 0.26 bcde
Tango 0.25 bcde
FF-1-75-55 0.25 bcde
FF-1-22-79 0.25 bcde
FF-1-74-52 0.25 cde
7-9-37 0.24 cde
RBA-22-29 0.24 cde
Sugarbelle 0.23 cde
FTP-1-57-105 0.22 cde
3-3-52 0.20 de
FF-1-76-50 0.19 de
FTP-6-49-96 0.19 de
FTP-4-13-7 0.15 e



Unified data set with the scion type down to the individual tree + associated LiDAR and aerial data

Our client is now able to characterize the performance of varieties and their tolerance to Citrus Greening on a per plot basis. Due to the level of fused data sets, early analysis shows significant differences in scions, even though the trees are still quite small.

LiDAR point cloud of Tango scion and associated map with plant volume:










1 – Digitize AGERpoint collected data:

  • GroveTracker LiDAR data
4 – Fuse Data:

  • Load edited complete GroveTracker LiDAR and VitalityTracker aerial data into AgLayers
  • Fuse Layer 0 + 1 with Trial Experimental Design data set
6 – Collaborate

  • Assemble field-collected data with fused measurement data set
2 – Insight-specific data collects:

  • VitalityTracker – Multispectral, (AGERpoint collect)
5 – Statistical Analysis

  • Determine variety performance data set
  • Identify, label, and statistically deal with outlier data
3 – Bring Your Own Data (BYOD):

  • Trial Experimental Design
  • Tree Mortality Assessments
7 – Synthesize

  • Characterize performance of varieties on per plot basis
  • (FUTURE: Per tree basis)